What is your reality?

Diminished-reality-maggie-nicholsReality is defined as the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. This begs an important question in regards to ones efficiency and performance levels.

Is your idea of how good you are a product of what the world really is, or is it a truth you have created based on your past conditioning?

Before I continue, lets take a look at a person with low self-esteem. I’m sure you have encountered this type of person. They generally possess the following traits:

  • Apprehension of the unknown
  • Self dissatisfaction
  • Acceptance of imperfections
  • Depression

For those of you whom are generally positive & optimistic people, I am sure you can relate with me when I say that as a friend and support system it can be incredibly frustrating to have this type of person in your life. No matter how hard you praise, motivate, or encourage them, they simply refuse to change for the better. Why and how is that everyone else can see all the great qualities in this person while they themselves cannot?

Repeat the following & remember it for the rest of your life:

“We behave and act not in accordance with the truth as the truth might be, but rather with the truth as we believe it or perceive it to be” – Lou Tice

Their truth was built like this:

Root Cause
Somewhere along the line in a low self-esteem individuals life, someone or something planted the first seeds of self-doubt. Perhaps it was a bully who ensured every social aspect of their childhood was a living hell. Perhaps it was a coach who berated you when you didn’t perform well. Or perhaps it was family member whom never showed you the appreciation and love that all children deserve.

As the individual grows older, deep within there are the lingering memories of the past. Every situation which reminds them of that initial pain is a challenge and at best avoided if possible. In their mind they tell themselves “I’m afraid, I cant do this, I don’t belong here, etc”. They constantly reinforce the idea of who they are and their ability levels based on this belief. This belief matures to a point where they have formed mental blind spots which thus prevent them from seeing anything other than the belief itself.

Sanction & Operation
What you see now is the result of all that negative reinforcement. They have given sanction to the idea that “This is who I am, this is what I deserve, and this is how the world is” thus they operate in accordance not with the truth, but the truth as they themselves believe or perceive it to be.

One thing is certain in this life. You can’t change everyone, but you can most certainly change yourself! Monotony is such an effective deterrent of our dreams because you don’t even realize you are living beneath your possible potential. You could literally go years without realizing this until one day within a millisecond you decide to make a change. As an aspiring high performance individual you must ask your self the following:

“Are the forces outside me controlling my life or is the reality inside me controlling my life?”

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, we must acknowledge that our perception which is based on our conditioning is in fact the cause of our limitations. Consider your current idea of how good you are and what you are capable of achieving. How did they come to be? Do you mentally enforce this idea based on your belief? Lastly, do you act on it?

In order to fulfill our dreams with maximum efficiency, we must pin point every negative idea that a coach, parent, friend, or bully ever tried to put in our head. Eliminate that negativity and paint an amazing picture in your mind of the person you know you are and what you are capable of achieving.  Reinforce that belief whenever the world tries to tell you other wise and give sanction to the idea that you truly are amazing and capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

This is your reality, and you alone are the one whose going to take it places!



One response to “What is your reality?

  1. I absolutely agree with you, changing one’s “reality” starts with the mind. “Is the glass half full or half empty ” mentality can change the mental outlook of everything.

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