Acknowledgement & Change


Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always been ambitious in most aspects of my life. Whether personal or professional, something within me has always strived to achieve within that specific field with flying colors. However the road to achievement of course has many roadblocks, mostly in the form of the following:

  • Loss of momentum
  • Gratification by instance, as opposed to continuous & gradual achievement or improvement
  • Excelling in one aspect of life while the other suffers

Pinpointing and acknowledging these roadblocks led to my epiphany or rather my motivation to begin writing this blog.

Time doesn’t fly because life is short, but rather because so many aspects of our life have become automatized for better or for worse.”

Not only does this pertain to our daily routines, but also our aspirations, our goals, and our desire for greatness.

Consider this, why is it that when we enter a new environment our ideas or motivations change? Why do we need a completely new physical environment such as a new workplace, college, or neighborhood to spark creativity, desire, etc? What if we could create such a change within our minds without packing a bag or making a life altering decision?

To better understand the answer to that question, I’ve read many a book, heard plenty a lecture, and even pursued a career in performance training to better understand the art of maximizing ones efficiency and performance in life. It amazes me till this day just how powerful one can feel when they understand how powerful their mind is and how to fully utilize it. For example, when we acknowledge and change based on the fact that our thoughts and our past conditioning shapes the idea of how good we are and what we are capable of achieving.

In this blog I’ll be presenting my insights, observations, and tips on “Maximum Efficiency” not as an expert, but as someone still trying to figure it out and put it all together. Please feel free to share your thoughts, criticisms, energy, and of course love with me.

Thanks for reading!



3 responses to “Acknowledgement & Change

  1. J – that is awesome that you have started to blog. Very proud of your initiative and even more of the topic you have selected. Looking forward to being inspired by your thoughts, insights and amazing energy. Much love as always!

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